2x05 / 4x11 / 6x05

"Well, who knows Castle, maybe third time’s the charm"

and now, their third wedding attempt.

…. What? Who said that? Wasn’t me.

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2x05 / 4x11 / 6x05

"Well, who knows Castle, maybe third time’s the charm"

and now, their third wedding attempt.

…. What? Who said that? Wasn’t me.

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so this happened :)  

Fantastic and well-deserved.

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Castle 7x01 “Driven ” still

The important thing to remember is that Beckett is a detective, so she can’t wear things that will identify her, she can’t wear things like that on her hands that would distract from the conversation, that could be stolen, that could possibly hinder her when she’s shooting or hand-fighting.The ring “is something that Beckett’s very protective of, because she loves it, so on occasion, if it’s like a big event or maybe a private moment outside of being in bed, she can wear it. But having it on display at the work place is not appropriate, especially as a detective.

Everyone always made a big deal out of the fact that she wasn’t wearing her ring. It puzzled me at first but then I figured that story-wise she did it mainly because she wanted to protect Castle and her relationship with him. The fact that they worked together could make it real easy for someone to use him against her, go after him and use him as leverage against the NYPD or her specifically. And she couldn’t let that happen. She couldn’t put him in harm’s way more so than he already was just by being her other half and then on top of that by working with her.

And that’s why she’s wearing it now. Because that’s no longer an issue. Because she did everything right. She protected him in the field, kept their relationship as hidden as possible from potentially dangerous people and actual criminals and she still “lost” him. So what’s the point?

There is also the fact that her ring is worth a fortune and she loves it as written above. There was a a scene in that episode with Damian Westlake where they talked about how his wife didn’t wear her ring because it was expensive. So it makes sense for the show, but like Ryan it doesn’t really compute for me. I’m all about the “why own it if you’re not gonna wear it.” side of things. Which I think now counts for Kate now too. I think it’s a tangible symbol of her relationship  with Castle, a constant reminder of what she stands to lose and will do everything not to and I think she needs that right now. It’s a way of keeping him with her. It’s the thing that represents him that she can take to work when she can’t take him.

Honestly production wise I think they might have actually forgotten it once or twice and maybe ms. Katic forgot herself because she’s not used to wearing the engagement ring. But oh,well. :D

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Get to know: Stana Katic (insp.)

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Never getting over this.

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1-Month-Left Rewatch Day 18
Castle 6x18 The Way of the Ninja

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They’re both giddy with excitement, drunk on the feel of calling each other husband and wife, stealing kisses between visits with guests who offer congratulations. They wind their way through the tables with their hands clasped together, Kate unable to contain her smile as his wedding ring clicks against her own pair, as he bends down to whisper how beautiful she looks into her ear.
The reception is everything she had hoped, full of friends and family celebrating with one another, but when the party winds into is third hour with no sign of slowing down. Kate goes off in search of her husband, tucking her head in the space underneath his chin and burying the shy smile that forms when she feels his lips grace the crown of her head. 
"Hi, honey," he mumbles, and Kate has to suck in a long draw of breath to fight the wave of want that floods her veins along with the oxygen that pours into her lungs. She can feel the vibration of his words, suppresses the shiver that curls across her spine, but tightens her hold around his waist. 
She doesn’t reply to him, either. Instead rising up onto her toes to direct him in a gentle kiss, one that quickly morphs into more as Rick’s tongue pushes past the seam of her lips and draws a quiet groan from his wife. They are slow to part, Kate’s teeth scraping over the swollen pad of his bottom lip rather than merely releasing him from her hold. And he has to sigh, pull her flush against his chest to nuzzle his nose over the hard line of her jaw and the soft skin of her neck, his own teeth leaving a light impression against the creamy skin that leaves Kate’s fingers fisting in his white dress shirt. 
"Come on, Mrs. Castle, I think the party can do without us," he whispers, the impression of his smile stretching against the curve of her neck as Kate lets out a peal of laughter that fills him with joy. 
They sneak out once she locates her shoes at the corner of the dance floor, slipping through to the kitchen like two laughing teenagers. Rick keeps her hand firmly in his own even when she pauses to slip the four-inch heels onto her feet, lingers to pull him in for another soft kiss in the space before he can hail a cab to take them to a destination that remains unknown. The smile he gives Kate is as bright as the lights of the city that shine around them from their position on the street, sending her heart thumping rapidly in her chest as she leans against the solid bulk of her husband and soaks it all in. 

this sigh love eyeballs all over 

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